KirkKirk Sperry is an entrepreneur who currently owns Sperry & Sons Capital Investments with his brother, Kene Sperry, along with a successful window/door contracting business, Mid-Pacific Window & Door, with his father, Steve Sperry. Kirk has also owned and operated several successful real estate investment businesses over the last decade. Kirk obtained a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Washington State University, however his true passion is people!

Not only is he extremely enthusiastic about helping others to take control of their financial futures through Trust Deed Investing, Kirk also enjoys helping the less fortunate people in our community who may not have access to many of the same resources most of us typically take for granted. This can easily be seen and shown through Kirk’s membership, hard work, and continued dedication to his local Rotary Club in Sammamish, Washington. His biggest reason for participating in Private Lending is to put the many people he cares about on the fast track to making their money work hard for them, not having them work hard for their money. Please feel free to reach out to Kirk with any questions, comments, and concerns. Here’s to your successful financial future!>

Kene SperryAn entrepreneur and co-founder of Sperry & Sons, Kene’s true passion is people. The guiding philosophy behind the investment firm is to connect individuals with strong, community building financial opportunities. He believes that true, genuine connection is the foundation of all good business and his work in photography and community development stems from these same principles.

Kene’s positivity is infectious. Whether at a boardroom table, on the ski lift, or at the wedding of one of his innumerable friends, Kene brings a ready smile and a genuine desire to help people. He is committed to supporting and connect them in any way he can. He believes that a rising tide raises all ships and that our connections and values strengthen our communities.

Kene, his wife and three young children reside in Big Sky, MT.